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Consignor Information

Thank You for your interest in consigning with us. We feel the Auction Method is the Best Way to get personal items you no longer desire sold in the shortest time possible. There are however a few things to think over before consigning with us. We are an actual auction house and conduct live auctions in our Hampton Virginia Gallery. We are not an Internet only company. You should consider that shipping items to us is part of your cost in selling at auction. Our consignment rates are based on "Hammer" price per item in most cases, although we can make special arrangements for estates on large consignments.

Our Current Consignment Rates.

$50,000. and UP 0%
$10,000.- $49,999. 10%
$2,000. - $9,999. 15%
$500. - $1,999. 25%
$100. - $499. 30%
$1. - $99. 60%

There is a 10% Reserve fee and a 5% Pickup fee for items picked up at your location by our gallery staff.

A Note About Consigning


When consigning please consider that items sell for what they are worth without any sentimental value to our in Gallery crowd or the Internet bidders. Selling Granny's old toys that mean a lot to you may not get the money from our crowd you hoped. We do not accept "Reserves" on pieces without a guarantee of return postage/mailing cost. "Book Value" is also a "Iffy" guide. Prices vary by region and marketplace. Our prices are normally 33% to 75% of "Book" Not that we don't ever get over book, we often do.


Finally, condition of the items is everything. We clean them up and make them shinny, but cracks and chips can and will reduce "Book Value" by 50 to 75 %.

Shipping Items to the Gallery

We will advise you on shipping arrangements to have your property delivered to our gallery. Packing, shipping, and insurance are payable by the seller. In certain instances packing and shipping costs may be paid by the Phoebus Auction Gallery and deducted from the proceeds of the sale. We may recommend packers an shippers, but we are not responsible for their acts or omissions. In special circumstances we may allow the property to remain in its original location.
If you have property you wish to sell, please call or E-mail our Consignment Department to arrange for a consultation. You may bring your property or photographs, along with any other pertinent information to our showroom and we will be happy to provide you with free estimates and advice. If you have a large collection, an appointment may be made to evaluate the property at your home. Fees for these visits may vary.
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